Practicing Sustainability at UIC

As a UIC student, there are many resources on campus that are available to myself and others that are dedicated to promoting sustainability. Located on the webpage for the UIC Office of Sustainability, you can see the many things our university contributes to this initiative such as recycling, composting, active transportation, green buildings, and even offers tips and advice on becoming more environmentally conscious.

According to Alberti & Susskind, “Most global and regional environmental problems originate in cities. Cities concentrate increasing numbers of people and human activities; thus they import increasing amounts of natural resources and export vast quantities of emission and waste.” This evidence alone should provide us as students on an urban campus to wake up and smell the emissions outside and prompt us to do all we can to help our city. One thing I strive to help with is recycling and waste reduction, at home and on campus. In my own home, it is rare for us to purchase plastic water bottles, and use reusable water bottles instead; I have maybe bought at least 5 reusable bottles to fill up at home and at water fountains. In the case that we do drink from a plastic water bottle, we always recycle and I always recycle my water bottles and iced coffee cups when I am on campus.

The U.S. Department of Transportation developed a Sustainability Policy Statement in June 2014, describing the efforts that they would put forth in order to increase sustainability in our country such as initiatives to inform the public, investing and obtaining grants for sustainability, research and technology application, and more. A way that I contribute to this initiative is by utilizing public transportation, especially when travelling into the city for school; I choose take the Blue Line as opposed to the convenience of driving my car all the way here. The people that take advantage of public transportation therefore reduce emissions and sometimes unknowingly help their environment by doing so. Being environmentally conscious is not always an easy way out, but it pays off for our planet in the long run, which helps improve not only the quality of life for UIC students, but our city as a whole.


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One thought on “Practicing Sustainability at UIC

  1. An interesting perspective about sustainability originating in cities. Roman aqueducts are an early of sustainability, and were primarily used to provide Roman cities with water! Cities are a hub for ideas and innovation, and are often where sustainability is most needed. Eventually, ideas developed in cities trickle down to rural areas where they can be applied in different ways.

    Our carbon footprint is something that is essential for the longevity of our cities and communities.


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