Recycling is Hard!

I try to recycle whenever I can, but when the places you frequent most don’t have the appropriate bins it makes your efforts tough. At my job, for example, we use a lot of paper. This past weekend, I was trained to do our Sunday paperwork and I was annoyed that not only are there so many meaningless papers to fill out, the papers from the last week just get thrown out.  Our mall does not provide any of the stores with recycling bins and it saddens me because most of the time it’s just paperwork we’re required to do, and other times it’s emails my manager prints out.

At UIC, I feel like it is more environmental friendly now than when I was a freshman. We have more recycling bins, LEED certified buildings, and a plastic bottle machine in SCE. It’s great to see, but I’ve noticed that during the day, the outdoor lights are on. I can only think of how much energy and money those lights use. Most of my classes this semester are in the green buildings. They’re totally awesome – especially the bathrooms – but the thing that riles me up is how some professors keep the lights on when there’s more than enough natural light.

In general, I try to be more aware of how much paper I use and how much energy I use. I like to take my time at recycling bins to see if the item I want to throw out belongs in the proper bin. I also try not to charge all of my electronics at the same time. As much as I like to think that I am doing good for the environment, I know that the types of transportation I use are not the best either and I always feel guilty.


One thought on “Recycling is Hard!

  1. Though tremendous efforts are being made to recycle paper,cans or plastics that we use every day, I agree that recycling ca be a little challenging especially with the current infrastructure. I find that most people tend to get confused with the labels placed on the recycling containers leaving them to place the items in wrong containers. Clearly, people have good intentions and maybe it`s just a matter of paying close attention to the labels.


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