Sustainability Around the World

Depending on where we live, we are accustomed to various types of ways to sustain our planet and ourselves. A person living in the United States might start recycling papers and bottles to have a impact on saving our planet while a person in a rural eastern european village might stop burning his/her plastic waste. People in big cities such as Chicago,New York and Los Angeles depend on cars, busses to get around either to work or anywhere they need to go. All the cars on the streets use gas which cause carbon emission, in recent years startups such as Uber and Lyft help eliminate these carbon emissions by having less cars on the road by providing a rideshare option. Even though its a small movement electric cars will one day eliminate gas guzzling automobiles because they can have alternative sources of energy which cause less emissions into our atmosphere.

As individuals people around the world and here at UIC need to to take advantage of our recycling programs and reduce our waste. Even though it doesn’t seem impactful for one person to contribute to such a global issue, indeed every person counts. Eliminating the amount of waste we produce helps keep landfills less full, the more we recycle the more we save natural resources from being produced to make a product that can be made from that recyclable object. Using self powered transportation like skateboards and bicycles also helps keep harmful emissions from the air we breath. Using renewable energy, for example solar powered portable chargers, which are a good investment because not only it saves you money on electric bills but is efficient and convenient. Influential people also have big impacts on todays large movements to save the earth, like Manoj Bhargava the founder of popular drink “Five hour energy” has pledged 99% of his 4 billion dollar net worth to find new and efficient renewable sources of energy.
My personal habits are influenced by the people around me, when I see a recycling bin I usually throw my recyclable waste in one. I originally am from a small farm type town on the outskirts of Ternopil, Ukraine where my grandparents own a farm and produce a minimal amount of waste. Food scraps or any food related waste are reused as compost in the farm, paper as well because its biodegradable and many others types of waste. Metal waste is also recycled because sometimes trucks comb these towns for people willing to sell metal to them. The only thing that is not recyclable are plastics which are very often burnt because garbage trucks don’t have a need to travel such distances to small rural towns. Depending on where we live we have the choice to impact the environment however we want in whichever way we want.

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