What can we do

With the developing of economy and society, environmental and natural issues have been more and more serious around the world. For urban sustainability, the government and related organizations actively take steps. In my opinion, individuals taking sustainable action are more important—as a UIC student, it is possible to practice for campus and communities. For sustainability, I consider about three aspects—eating, living and traveling.

Saving is not only a good habit, but also an easiest way to be sustainable. In UIC’s canteens, I see waste of food each time: everyone discards a little, so that there is much waste after a day. So, take food that can be eaten up before eating; if it is not enough, go back and take something again. It is possible to change the habit if students want.

As for living, many UIC students live in campus; some dorms support a temperature-changeable air conditioner system, so students can turn up or down the temperature of their own rooms. In summer, did not turn air conditioner as a very low temperature, so it can help save energy. When residents leave the rooms, turn off the air conditioner and open the window—not just for saving, but for some fresh air.

For traveling, there are so many choices for UIC students to keep a low-carbon lifestyle: UIC has set up Intracampus Bus Service particularly for UIC students; besides, many public transport lines run though the campus. Except bus and subway, Divvy provides bikes for locals—“Intended to provide Chicagoans with an additional transportation option for getting around the city, Divvy is fun, easy, and affordable.”

Keeping sustainable is not hard; it just need some awareness and changes. Things are simple if students want to try.


About Divvy, Divvy [online]. Available at:

https://www.divvybikes.com/about [accessed 2016.1.27]


Intracampus Bus Service, FM@UIC[online]. Available at:

http://fmweb.fm.uic.edu/Trans/intracampus.aspx [accessed 2016.1.27]


2 thoughts on “What can we do

  1. You are absolutely correct. I also believe that it is all the actions we take as individuals that leave the greatest impact on the state of our world, this applies to all aspects of society; politically, culturally, and sustainably among others. If everyone acted sustainably all to their greatest capacity, then the most significant effects of climate change would be curbed and reduced today. The New York Times has created a simple list of small lifestyle changes that all individuals can partake in which would collectively reduce human’s impact on climate change. I think you would find this very interesting.



  2. I think part of the reason why many student simply don’t recycle is because they may not know where to throw things away, as in what can be recycled or not. Something that really caught my attention in one of our classes was the topic of Argo Tea and their cups. It is so silly to have 50% of the cup be recyclable, and the other 50% not. Because its mixed with a material that cannot be composed, the entirety is not recyclable. I’m taking Argo Tea as an example but I bet this may be the case for many areas that students eat food or grab a coffee. For that reason, it makes it very difficult to get in the habit of recycling.


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