Power of Choice

As you read this post, thousands of people worldwide are mounting their hoverboards racing to see who can break the most limbs before bursting into flames. We think of these McFly wannabes and are reminded of just how innovative and technologically advanced our global society has become. Yet even while on the cusp of self-driving cars and self-lacing shoes, our modern civilization has not managed to stop harming the earth. From the greenhouse gases polluting the atmosphere to the microplastics killing aquatic life in the oceans, we as humans seem almost programmed to harm the environment. This is not how it has to be.

As individuals, we have the power of choice. We can choose between ways of living that are in line with the positive health of our planet. Yet often so many people selfishly ignore the simple actions they could take to decrease their impact on the earth. We buy millions of bottles of water a year because they are “more pure.” However, we don’t think of the millions of barrels of oil required for their production or the countless toxins being released into the environment as the bottles break down. How “pure” can this water be?

It does not just stop with the choices we make as consumers. Our biggest detraction from the planet’s health has to be our sources of energy. Together, fossil fuels account for over 84% of our world’s energy source. We have the technology available, it is just a matter of people putting actions into place to get wind, solar, and hydroelectric power into the nations of the world. It is a matter of choice. Do we want a future to get back to? We have the power to change the world one initiative at a time.






4 thoughts on “Power of Choice

  1. You make great points regarding the way humans abuse the planet. I feel that there are two main reasons that we do this: greed and apathy.

    There is so much greed in the fossil fuel business. Their lobbies refuse to let go of the past and continue to put profit over the planet. It is going to take time for both everyday people and investors to show their interest in renewable. Until then the fossil fuel industry will continue to exploit the planet’s resources. As for apathy, this can be explained by the “Not In My Back Yard” way of thinking. NIMBY explains that people just don’t care about problems in the world until it effects them. If it isn’t directly bothering them, people just ignore it until it’s too late.



  2. Despite the greed of fossil fuel businesses, many refuse to let the industry die because of the jobs that they provide. However, if more effort was spent on increasing the efficiency and availability of renewable energy sources, jobs could be shifted into those fields. There may even be more jobs in renewable energy than the ones that would be replaced from transitioning from nonrenewable.

    Not only is our energy usage hurting the earth, many of the reasons for using fossil fuels are outdated. This gets back to the point about greed that was made, since the corporations have been so strong for so long, and many rely upon their economic influence.


  3. I like that you described how the power of choice actually focuses on many people today. Our energy usage and what we use the energy on really emphasizes that we need to be conscious of what we do from day to day. It impacts our environment, the environment of others, and it shows that we are not efficiently and sustainably using our resources. We all need to evaluate that we are dependent on our future, but if we don’t have a sustainable future, then how are we able to succeed in figuring it out. The resources like solar, wind and water energy are great since those are not just renewable, but they are also a better choice that we should consciously be making.

    Great job overall!


  4. I love how you introduced your take on urban sustainability. Stating how our current generations are so close minded that we focus more on having the newest gadgets and furthest investments in technology rather than focusing on the future generations that will one day be harmed by our scarce resources. It is essential to target these large corporations like fossil fuel companies to find alternatives to their mass usage and consumption of fossil fuels. There will come a day when we may not even be able to advance in technology any longer due to the limited resources that we made go extinct.


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