My title clearly emphasizes the “able” in sustainable for a reason. That is, there are a variety of ways that we can all participate in eco-friendly activities. The priority is to actually be committed. The local government can provide recycling cans, however it’s up to the people to actually recycle efficiently. I frequently witness students at UIC toss recyclable material in garbage disposals when there are recycling cans within a very near distance. Maybe there needs to be more done in terms of implementing students to recycle. We can either penalize or reward those who do or don’t decide to help save the world for the future generations.

I’m guilty of not being as sustainable as I could be. I dorm here at UIC but I still own a car in which I use as my main transportation. Although it is a 4 liter vehicle, it still adds on to the increasing pollution in urban areas. An alternative to using this vehicle is using a bike.  Indiana University and Purdue University are beginning programs where bikes are heavily recommended to commute through campus in order to be more sustainable. Even trains which may be electric still require tons of energy somewhere down the lines of production and in order to function. This is my ideas of how we can facilitate issues in regards of urban sustainability.

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