Blog Assignment 2 Public Health Concerns

Due 6PM on 02/19 (via email & posting on US 130 site)



Environmental impact is one factor that contributes to public health issues, especially in urban areas, where there are large concentrations of people. Chicago, a large metropolitan area, has its own set of public health concerns that goes beyond its city limits and even crosses state lines.

Identify a specific public health concern in the Chicago area and suggest an informed, sustainable plan to alleviate/mitigate the problem.

Think about the following questions and address at least two of them: 1) What would be the best course of action and who would be affected? 2) Why would this plan be beneficial and how would it relate to urban sustainability? 3) How should a city government prioritize in order to address health-related and environmental bottlenecks?

Due 6 PM on 02/19 (via email & posting on US 130 site)

See Blog Assignment 2 Public Health Concern for additional instructions and information.

Don’t forget to use at least 1 reading material from the class and 2-3 additional references when writing your blog.  Always cite your sources.



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