Urban Gardens for Urban Health

As the world population grows, so does the demand for food, and nutritious food at that. Many countries already have the maximum amount of fertile land put to food production, the new food must come either increased yields, or using land previously thought unfit for farming. Otherwise there is a real risk of more people not getting the nutritious food they need, leading to increased reliance on unhealthy processed food and under-nourishment.

One solution that may be easy and fast to show results is urban farming. There is a lot of unused space in urban areas that can be turned to vegetable or fruit gardens with little effort, and great benefit to urban residents who struggle to find nutritious food, “a 10 by 10 meter plot can provide a household’s yearly vegetable needs, including much of the household’s nutritional requirements for vitamins A, C, and B complex and iron”(Public Health Implications of Urban Agriculture, p.26)

My family has a garden in the front and back yards, in addition to a native flowers section to attract beautiful birds and pollinators; there is plenty of space to grow peppers that thrive in our garden. A few hours of effort has created a seasonal treat that my family loves.


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