Benjamin Chukwuebuka Iroala
Blog #1
Living in a world that is currently experiencing a rapid increase in human populations and people moving to cities and urban areas for work, sustainability does become an issue and concern. Questions such as if the if the carrying capacity of the area can contain and sustain the migrants and new borns in the city/region arise. Sustainability is very broad to define but generally according to the urban landscapes and sustainable cities reading, sustainability is defined as ‘….thought to include equity, economic and environmental concerns’ it is a broad definition but what it means is that sustainability is taking all the concerns and seeing how to manage them and use them effectively with less waste.
To begin, I am a very earth conscious person due to my background. At most of the schools I have had the privilege to attend, recycling was always emphasized to great lengths. Thus I have been doing my own little part to help mother earth in anyway I can. Recycling is one of my major inputs followed by switching off unnecessary appliances around me such as; lights, chargers in sockets etc. In doing so, some might say I am wasting my time because I am not making a difference whatsoever. That right there problem we have. Too many people think that sustainability or recycling is the job of the government they are under but it is not. But rather, It should be seen as a personal civic duty because we all live on this planet and it should be a collective reasoning to want to preserve the planet for our offspring’s. I know I am far far far from been a sustainability god because I still use up a lot of electricity myself and frequently always buying bottled water and unsustainable things like that.
However, As a student of uic and living in the dorms, there are numerous ways in which I could be sustainable, such as:
• Properly switching off showers and taps in my dorm or any dorm I enter
• Switch off lights
• Make effective use of the already plentiful recycling bins in and around campus
• Talk to someone I see littering
• Progress (keep finding new ways to be sustainable because I am in no way a sustainability god, there is so much more you and I could do except for the basics above)



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