Chicago Obesity

Chicago like many people in all parts of America, Chicagoan’s face obesity issues. According an article by the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago, Chicago is one of the highest cities in the U.S. that faces these issues. Specifically with younger children for example, the national average amongst children in the 9th grade is 32.1%, meanwhile Chicago’s average is 44.7%. This means that almost have of children in the 9th grade are either obese/overweight.  According to the article “Physical Activity, Sprawl, and Health, this problem expands more than just poor diet, but the lack of safe places to walk or ride a bike, the rise of television watching and internet exploring, and the pressures of daily life.


More parks for Chicago 

“With the creation of  Healthy Places, the city is working to “implement sustainable policies, systems and environmental changes that address obesity in Chicago by creating healthier environments where Chicagoans live, work, learn and play.” A way to address this problem could be to create more public recreation centers where families of kinds and ages can go to at low price, considering obesity is found more prevalent within lower income families. Another course of action could be creating new parks to walk and go bike consider, although it can be difficult considering Chicago has high crime rates that could lure people into considering otherwise. Though with more protection (police) surveilling parks, it can be a great way for people to sustain a healthier lifestyle. This plan would be beneficial because it gives everyone a reason to get out of the house and lose a few calories. This relates to urban sustainability because it enhances the standard of life. The city should prioritize in order address this problem by making neighborhoods safer in order for people to feel free to go to recreational centers/parks, funding, campaigns, planning, and execution. Overall, controlling obesity is a great way for the City to increase sustainability.


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2 thoughts on “Chicago Obesity

  1. I can relate to this post because my high school was really strict on obesity and educating the school on it. My high school required everyone to take 4 years of physical education courses in order to graduate. Although it seemed unnecessary back then, I now look back and am thankful for my school in trying to keep my body healthy.


  2. I find your blog very interesting because you related the high crime rate with the obesity. I never thought from this angle that the safety and walkable city could affect people’s health. I found that many community parks and streets in neighborhood have a common significant problem: lack of lights at night. People may afraid to take a walk at night because of the worry of safety. If we can solve the problems of safety, it may improve our public health.


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