Don’t Kill Yourself

The City of Chicago is home to almost 3 million people, many of which possess the habit of smoking tobacco, whether it be traditional cigarettes.This is one of the biggest public health issues that the city of Chicago faces. The big problem with cigarettes is that not only does it affect the health of the consumer, but it also affects the environment and all of the people around them by second hand smoke. More than 16 million people are living with a disease caused by smoking.( CDC) For every person that dies because of smoking, 30 people are living with a smoking-related illness. (CDC) This is very detrimental to the growth and prosperity of the city. “Healthy families are the foundation of healthy communities, which, in turn are the foundation of healthy societies.”(Korten)

Tobacco sales have been on a decline in recent years. This is due to increase in cigarette taxes and the constant battle thatthe City is fighting with Tobacco sellers.By implementing a higher tax, this generates revenue for the city which puts money into after school programs for youth such as Freshman orientation. The City of Chicago is trying to change the legal age to purchase cigarettes to 21. By doing this, they believe that it will protect the youth from picking up a bad habit at a very young age. They are trying to combat tobacco ads that try to target youth by making sure that they are well educated, and always make the right decision to not smoke tobacco.

Another thing that is leading in solutions is making school areas and campuses tobacco free. The City of Chicago has made the use of e cigarettes banned in public places. Many businesses are adapting this culture too. It shows that they care about everyone’s health.

The use of electronic cigarettes has also caused a problem in trying to get rid of tobacco.Many resort to the use of e cigarettes when they are on the course of quitting cigarettes. It gives users the nicotine and physical sensations that their brains desire, while reducing the amount of chemicals and smoke that are caused by the regular cigarette.( The city has launched a new initiative filled with ads and efforts to educate the youth on the healthy choice and teach them about the effects tobacco can have on your body. While e-cigarettes don’t have the same cancer risks as tobacco cigarettes, they are unconfirmed whether they are safe over the long term.




3 thoughts on “Don’t Kill Yourself

  1. Government’s efforts in the prevention of suicide did too little. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention complained that this year only 40 million US dollars in federal funds for suicide prevention programs. This does not include spending billions of dollars in government in tackling the broader mental health problems.
    Some treatments, such as antidepressants, often very effective. More than 20 studies found that antidepressants may be more widely available, the people who commit suicide will become less. For example, in the period from 1991 to 1996, more Swedes had swallowed 240% of antidepressants, suicide rates fall by 19%. But it is difficult to prove a causal relationship between the two. Because other studies have shown that some antidepressants and could lead to more young people to think of suicide.


  2. Yes, smoking is a serious public health issue. There are a lot of chronic diseases that are linked to smoking such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and various cancers.

    However, there are policies to ensures public safety for smoking, but honestly, how many smokers follow the rules? We see students smoking on the UIC campus. The campus has smoke-free campus signs all over the place. But yet, people are still smoking. Businesses have designated smoking areas, but often this is another policy not enforced.

    For e-cigarettes, the precautionary principal should be taken. The introduction of a new product or process who’s effects are unknown should be resisted. As you mentioned, we don’t know the damage e-cigarettes will cause in the long run.

    It is important for the city to improve the health literacy. The ads and education of the youth do help over the long term. I didn’t know the city was trying to increase the age till 21. Good blog post, you touched on the most important points.


  3. I have seen the Ad campaign that was introduced by The City of Chicago Department of Public Health with the collaboration of Chicago Transit Authority where it specifically targets the new alternative smoking trend e.g, vaping (the use of hookar), e-cigarettes and flavoured cigarettes. These alternative smoking trends are targeted to the youth (especially high school and college students) because, just like the old tobacco industry model, the manufactures understand that if addicted early, they (the Youth) often tend to make permanent customers hence lasting profits for them.The ads are colourful and provocative e.g “Vaping: Liquid Poison,” “Vaping: It’s Still Addiction” and “Vaping: Why Risk It”! where they are meant warn and to bring an awareness to the public about the unknown dangers of alternative smoking.


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