Exercise In Urban Areas

The suburbs can create many problems for people that want to exercise. For example, people can walk to different areas, that is, if it’s not too far away. Also, getting a gym membership is expensive and considered unnecessary if someone does not have a budget for it. However, there are two types of physical activities called recreational or utilitarian. Recreational activities focus more on the person getting exercise while the utilitarian activity focuses on a person is not intentional for exercise but necessary for a task someone is completing. The ease of exercise in the city can be very beneficial to someone’s physical activity because the city allows someone to walk from destination to destination unlike the suburbs where most things are spaced out. The best course of action for this problem would be to educate students more about physical activity and the benefits that come from it. Many schools recently have been making gym classes optional. Statistics show that “Ninety-seven percent of the schools had mandatory physical education requirements in 1920, but that stat has shrunk to just 39 percent as of 2012.” Having schools educate students more about the benefits of physical activity will encourage students to get more exercise and hopefully encourage their friends and family members to exercise also. This plan would be beneficial because it would educate students more about the importance of exercise. This is also related to urban studies because of the increased obesity in the United States in the recent years. Statistics show that more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese. The government can lend a hand by requiring all students to take gym classes throughout their years in grade school.



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3 thoughts on “Exercise In Urban Areas

  1. I find that to be very scary because most of the people we know actually know someone who lacks physical activity or is even obese. I think the CDC has made obesity a disease and are treating it as any other outbreak, such as the flu or small pox. I think having more utilitarian methods to get active are a better way to get kids more involved because there is a purpose toward the movement, not just running around in circles or jumping up and down. But I also think that suburbs are more accustomed to have space to get active but obviously people don’t and would rather drive. Then again its hard because there are a lot of confounds that go with why people can’t work out, you mentioned its too expensive, correct. Another is maybe they just can’t physically.


  2. I was not aware of some of the issues that you presented. I’m glad I came across this read. I think it sad how so many schools are making physical education optional. Looking back growing up, I remember PE being one of my favorite times during the day. Physical activity is very important and I think schools, as you mentioned, should put a bigger accent on them.


  3. Great points on exercise being and important factor. Its obvious how prevalent obesity is in this country, and it frightens me that PE classes in school aren’t required anymore. That factor alone is something to be reversed. I think a huge impact now a days on lack of exercise is the heightened factor of technology and younger kids owning cell phones and other Apple tech. this certainly takes away from the want to go play outside as opposed to video games inside.


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