Future in food, or just medicine?

It is important to evaluate food sustainability in the city because most of the food that people in the city consume is imported to the city. Most of the food is not locally grown, or is from the farm.

Unknown.jpegIn the article, “Public Health Implications of Urban Agriculture” by Kate Brown and Andrew Jameton, includes many factors of how food impacts the social, economic and environmental conditions of those who live in cities. One example shows how the issue of food sustainability is clear, “The problem of matching food supplies to food needs, especially for urban populations, has long been a source of social, economic, and political concern. (Brown, Jameton, 24)” With this general view, it is a determinant of how public health affects urban communities.

Another example of an economical and social issue that presents in cities are the luxury of quick, cheap and good tasting fast food. Raj Patel, writer and activist stated “Cheap food helps keep wages down. If food prices go up, even more people will go hungry than the 850 million we already have. (Menezes, 1)” The amount of people who are already suffering from hunger are not getting adequate nutrition, and that the prices of food ultimately effect everyone. This creates a global impact, on a nation public health scale.

We can also see that food impacts all people of all ages because we need food for energy. The type of energy and nutrients needed to survive are getting more muddled at every advertisement, every burger, every soft drink that a person consumes. In the article by Organics, Dr. Roy Geib, professor of microbiology and immunology at University of Indiana states, “Yet it does believe that organic and natural foods “are a key component in the major consumer trend known as whole health solutions—diets that promote health and well-being, prevent disease, help cure illness and protect the environment.” This show that the key components of health are what a person consumes.

Conclusively, public health should have it’s eyes set on a future in food, food sustainability , and social justice for those who are hungry for change.




Food vs. Meds: How Organic Foods Can Prevent Disease and Achieve Wellness

Picture: http://www.worldfinancialreview.com/?p=606



One thought on “Future in food, or just medicine?

  1. Many people often don’t think of the impacts of food being imported into a big city like Chicago. This has a lasting impact on sustainability. I agree when we don’t offer sustainably produced food at reasonable prices, we increase the likelihood that the public can live long lasting healthy lives.


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