Blog Assignment 2 Public Health Concern

Jazmine Garcia

February 19th, 2016

Urban Sustainability 130

Professor Dr. Kocs


As populations are growing exponentially, especially in urban areas, food security is a major public health concern that has affected civilizations before us and continues to affect us all today. The rate at which food is produced is not satisfying the extrapolated growing population, nor is it always being produced in an efficient way. According to the article, Public Health Implications of Urban Agriculture, Brown and Jameston have observed that the “number of people living in cities is expected to triple by 2025”. We have to feed everyone! In this globalized city of Chicago, we have relied on unsustainable practices for our food such as using resources for transportation that harm our environment. In the city of Chicago there has been a growing interest in community gardens that practice urban sustainability in their own community. The city offers many incentives to start a community garden and help maintain it. Under the Chicago Community Gardeners Association website, they have postings for free items such as rain barrels and seeds. This practice helps bring the community together and helps us dismantle our unsustainable ways of getting food.





One thought on “Gardens

  1. It is a good idea to combine community gardens and food. You gave a new way to create a sustainable city that figures out two public health issues at same time. But in my opinion, it still needs long-time planning and construction.


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