Overweight and Obesity

Urban health is an important part of urban sustainability.   It is functions as a community and as an ecosystem; healthy population lives within the urban ecosystem. Health and environment are not conflicting, even they can be said complementary. So city government should consider them at the same time. Overweight and obesity are one kind of health problems in Chicago, which has negative influences on not only urban health but also urban sustainability.

“Over the past decade, the prevalence of overweight adults has increased by nearly 10% to 37.4%. From 2005-2009, adult obesity increased from 9% to 29.7%. This translates into 67% of Chicago adults being either overweight or obese.” Overweight and obesity have become a serious public health concern in Chicago, which cause a number of public health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and stroke.

Unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles are main reasons of being overweight and getting obesity. For individuals, to decrease screen time and do more exercise is good for losing weight and keeping fit. Eating nutritional and healthy food also can help reduce the probability of being fat. For communities and the government, related programs such as Chicago Public Schools and Healthy CPS Action Plan, are benefit for education and public awareness.



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2 thoughts on “Overweight and Obesity

  1. You briefly mentioned the fact that adult obesity has risen as well. I think this is a huge public health issue just as much as child obesity. I appreciate the plans of action to be taken by the CPS into elementary and middle schools, however, I find it disturbing that once we hit college, the healthy food acts seem to go out the window. Even here at UIC, I personally think it is absurd we only have the choice of the ‘Inner Circle’ for food choices. So, as much as I appreciate initiative within elementary schools, I highly believe such plans need to be carried through all education levels. Great perspectives, Thanks!


  2. I think this is a good point to keep in mind when people are looking at public health issues in Chicago. I believe that many adults that are overweight, are not educated on what is healthy and what is not in terms of food and keeping themselves healthy. This translates into the children of these adults not knowing anything either and just taking on the same unhealthy habits as their parents. If you pair this with the lack of recreational facilities and accessible, healthy choices for food, then the problem will never end. There needs to be an initiative that targets education of a healthy lifestyle to communities with higher obesity rates. Great blog!


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