Substance Abuse (Public Health Issues)

           Substance abuse generally means alcohol and drugs. Now, more then ever in our world history, teens and young adults are exposed to the usage of drugs and alcohol. Not only are those substances consumed excessively, but they became addictive to the users. An uncontrollable usage can lead to damages, both mentally and physically. Reported diseases, accidents, sicknesses, and many more problems, are an effect of substance abuse.

            Within the city of Chicago, there have been many deaths that lead back to the usage of drugs and alcohol. The Illinois State Police Division of Forensic Services laboratory reported an large increase of drug usage, such as cocaine and heroin, in 2013 and 2014. A study done by CBS in 2010 explained that Chicago has become the state with the worst heroin problem in the nation. “It’s cheaper to buy heroin than to go to the movies, to buy a movie ticket. That’s really frightening,” executive director of PEER Services, Kate Mahoney, said in an interview.

            When it comes to solving such problems, the process of awareness and education is crucial. Young people, especially those in school, should be constantly educated on the effects of substances and how they can resist peer pressure. Citizens of Chicago should also look on gathering more funds when it comes to research and treatment for such cases. School, parents, and communities should also work together to help teens and young adults overlook substance encounter, and furthermore help create more positive youth involvement opportunities.


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One thought on “Substance Abuse (Public Health Issues)

  1. When you talk about excessive drug use mainly heroin in Illinois do you refer to teenagers or young people as you started out speaking about in the beginning or are you talking about the whole population not only teens. But other than that i agree that we should bring awareness to our children because drugs are a huge problem that destroy lives and being aware of what they do to your body, they would be less attractive. Also avoiding bad influences and teaching kids to avoid such people that way they wouldn’t be pressured to use drugs or drink alcohol at a young age.


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