Urban Gardening/ Oxygen Levels

Urban Gardening is a fairly new idea that is countering the mindset that food should be grown in rural areas only. Not only does urban gardening help you with lower food prices and creates more green space in an urban area but it also helps produce more oxygen in a urban area. Along with urban trees, urban gardens create their own food from the carbon dioxide from the water, soil, sunlight, and atmosphere. During which the release oxygen to which we breathe. Not only do they produce oxygen but they also trap and hold pollutants and dangerous gasses such as ash, dust, smoke, pollen, and carbon dioxide while they produce oxygen. This helps prevent “dead zones” which is an ecology term for low oxygen areas off the world’s oceans and larger lakes of the world caused by pollution to water. Which affects the overall health of the city because you need oxygen to breathe. By increasing urban trees, gardening, and overall green space within a high-density population you can produce enough oxygen to accommodate for the high population. You can even improve the air quality within your own home by adding plants to you living room, dining room, or even bedroom. This way you can produce fresh oxygen within your own home. Consuming plentiful amount oxygen will help you avoid medical symptoms caused by oxygen deficiency stomach acid, bacterial, viral, parasitic infection, chronic hostility, circulatory problems, increased proneness to common infections such as the flu, fatigue, dizziness, bodily weakness, poor digestion, and irrational behavior. Urban gardening and urban trees are essential to a city’s health because of the high demand for oxygen with limited areas for green spaces.









5 thoughts on “Urban Gardening/ Oxygen Levels

  1. Urban gardening is a great idea to improve quality of life. Building art spaces is architects’ goal. At the same time, they should develop and protect environment by using the high efficiency and energy-saving technology in designing.


  2. The aesthetic and social aspect of urban gardening how I first I imagined green space as improving the quality of life. Of course plants help to filter pollution, but I’ve never heard of such immediate health defects from city pollution until now. For that reason it seems almost hard not to incorporate more green space into a neighborhood, if only to avoid health issues down the road from poor oxygen levels.


  3. It is important to see that oxygen is a renewable resource that we are not helping on our end. Trees and other plants are the only sources of oxygen and carbon dioxide filtration that we have on our plant. I like your point on how urban gardens are great for overall health. The impact that it has on our society is very great, but not everyone sees it to have that much of an impact because you cannot just see the air, but you can ultimately see the impact that bad air has on people.


  4. great urbaning gardening idea! as i was reading it i couldnt help to think of ways we could incorporate that in our cities, and i thought, for example, why not plant trees instead of tombstones?, why not plant trees for every human born?, why not plant trees all over and make the largest man made ”forest” on earth? it is possible and it has already been done in south africa and if you go there it is simply beautiful, you feel a part of nature even when in the bustling downtown


  5. Urban gardening is a very creative idea to add life to urban cities. This past year, I had the privilege to visit Mexico City, Mexico, and I remember traveling to Coyoacán, a district in the city. They had planted trees all around that district and had many flower gardens. The beauty of all the trees had attracted many tourists to this area. I remember thinking that I had left Mexico City entirely because the air was so much more fresh. The trees made a significant difference to not only the environment but also the economics in Coyoacán. I returned to that area and plan on traveling back to Mexico City this summer, and I definitely will visit Coyoacán again.
    At the time of my trip I did not really understand all the benefits of urban gardening, but just loved the environment of all the natural beauty.


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