Urbanization of Rural Areas

As time passes areas around Chicago become more urbanized because of more people entering these areas. Influx of new residents causes suburbs to become dense and overpopulated like cities and in this case Chicago. Density of people causes companies to build their fast food places and different department stores for them. A rise of population in a certain area causes business to build their businesses in that area to earn profit. When population rises in a certain area that attracts businesses to move in and provide their services which causes these areas to be more urban because more people will keep coming because these services now exist in these rural areas which are slowly being urbanized.

Urbanization of Rural areas is also beneficial to the residents because they could find closer jobs and not have to travel into main cities also is solves the problem of food deserts. Urbanization is beneficial for people in rural areas because it provides more services to them. The best course of action for this would be to let it happen because it benefits all parties by producing jobs and closer access to services, companies also get paid and earn profit while everyone is happy. The down fall is that rural areas get turned over for urban settlement. The urbanization of rural areas increases opportunity’s. Urbanization of rural areas mainly decreases food deserts by having more accessibility to healthier more raw food.





One thought on “Urbanization of Rural Areas

  1. You bring up a lot of good points. However, I think there are a few more negatives effects that urbanization in rural areas can have. Destroying green space, for example. Or the increase in pollution being created by the increase of factories, it being air pollution, water pollution, and so on. Also, although urban evolution can present new jobs for some locals, there can be cases where some people can have a difficult time adjusting to a new job or learning new skills. Overall, you bring up very interesting points.


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