Lead Pipes in Chicago’s Water Supply

One public health concern that is present in Chicago is the amount of lead pipes that are still present in the supply of people’s water. According to the Chicago Tribune, about 80% of properties in Chicago use water access pipes that contain lead. This is a serious problem due to the fact that lead can cause serious health problems, especially with young children and infants. With the water supply crisis in Flint, Michigan shining a light on the widespread problems of lead in municipal water supplies, there is even more reasons to solve the problem.

The best course of action to solve this problem is to create a strategic plan to target the remaining lead pipes in the municipal water supply and remove them as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to do this, the City of Chicago needs to request emergency funds to be pulled together, as this public health concern can have very serious long-term consequences. Most of those affected would be those living in low income communities, where most of the remaining lead water supply pipes are still located.

This plan would be beneficial by ending potentially decades of poisoned water being supplied and consumed by the city’s residents. There is no reason for people to go on consuming water that is causing them health problems, especially if they are paying taxes for their water supply. This plan would also support urban sustainability because of how vital clean water is to a community. If a community cannot have access to clean water, the community cannot grow to begin with. For ambitious sustainability goals to be reached, the most basic goals must be accomplished first. A clean and safe water supply is the most basic and important aspect of urban sustainability.


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