Green Buildings LEED to a More Sustainable Chicago

Chicago, the city of grand infrastructures and bright lights, which means a large consumption of energy and green-house gas emissions. From an environmental standpoint, this beautiful city poses as a threat. Fortunately, that aspect was recognized early such that it prompted for action towards energy conservation and a decreases in GHG emission in the early 2000’s. Therefore, the Chicago Center for Green Technology was opened under previous mayor, Richard J Daley’s initiatve. Infrastructures would have to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) approved. Under this regulation, buildings include sustainable components such as”water conservation, use of energy-saving building systems, and proximity to public transportation” (Richardson 2010). This helped promote Chicago’s efforts in sustainability despite its large urban environment. According to the City of Chicago Official Site, “Buildings are the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in Chicago. By building with more efficient and sustainable designs, Chicago reduces its emissions and waste while conserving resources and energy” (2016).

Chicago’s Sustainable Development Policy ensures continual sustainable efforts by mandating “that projects receiving financial or zoning assistance from the city include sustainable elements such as green roofs, LEED certification, or designs that allow structures to absorb large amounts of storm water” (Richardson 2010). Since the early 2000’s the history of the policies implementation not only has been applied to the downtown area, but as well as public/private secondary and higher-education schools such as the University of Illinois at Chicago. According to the UIC STARS Report (2014), ” Two new buildings at UIC (Lincoln and Douglas Hall) that were constructed or underwent major renovations in the previous five years were certified under LEED at the time of STARS certification” (14). Regulating buildings through green initiatives can eventually bring Chicago on nature’s good side.



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