The balance between environment and economic development

Chicago, as a big city of America, urban development impacts sustainability so much. Mayor Emanuel said “A sustainable Chicago is a city that spends less on energy use with each passing year, creates good-paying jobs in up-and-coming industries, responsibly maintains and upgrades its infrastructure, and ensures every Chicagoan has the opportunity to live a healthy and active lifestyle.”

To balance environment and economic development, government and organizations should focus on environmental legal advocacy and eco-business innovation—seven main themes are proposed— economic development and job creation, energy efficiency and clean energy, transportation options, water and wastewater, open space and healthy food, waste and recycling, and climate change.

In these themes, waste of water is a marked issue. To deal with the problem, the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission is considering Water Supply Planning that presents increasing the price of water to reduce waste. The plan uses an out-side factor to affect people’s water use habit for saving water. With the developing of economy and society, environment has changed over time. That means the history or implementation of the regulation changed according to current situation. In the past, industries are not advanced, so energy use was balanced to its self-cycling. The policies were not strict. But now, energy demand exceeds the quantity of sources, thus more policies and regulations are published.,d.dmo


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2 thoughts on “The balance between environment and economic development

  1. There is no doubt of the importance of sustainability in the urban development. The waste of water is an important aspect of the urban environment. This blog mentions the policy of saving water by increasing the price of water and helping people develop a good habit. However, saving water alone is not enough to solve the environment problem. Saving water is from the perspective of resources. Saving water could reduce the amount of waste of water. This is one aspect. The other aspect is how to deal effectively with the waste of water, reduce its damage to the environment, and increase its recycling efficiency. In this aspect, innovation and technology could be mentioned as the main countermeasure. The progress of water purification technology can also reduce the environment damage and increase its usage efficiency. The balance of economic and environmental development is a complex problem. For the sustainability, this issue must be discussed in the long run. A more effective management of the waste of water system is more crucial than the citizens’ habits of saving water. The increase in the price of water may be effective in the short term. For the long term, it will only put more financial pressures on citizens of low income. For citizens of high or middle income, the slight increase in the price of water is hard to develop their habits of saving water by the financial pressure.


  2. Planning for our water supply, although it may seem trivial at the moment, will definitely benefit our city in the long-run. I am very surprised that water conservation has become a goal for our city. However, it does make sense. If we do not start planning now for our water consumption, we could, in the distant future, end up like states on the West coast. Depleting our natural freshwater could prove disastrous to our city in the future.


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