Less Coughing More Breathing

Chicago is one of the largest business and industrial centers across the entire united states and with industry comes pollution. My idea is for Chicago to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050. According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago is the sixth most harmful city for asthma diagnosed people to live.

The purpose of the introduced policy is to keep the health of Chicago residents in as good condition as possible, which is slightly more ambitious that Obama’s Clean Power Plan that was proposed in August 2015 to reduce the carbon emissions by 30 percent by the year 2030. The issues that prompted this are the horrible and very blatant effects of carbon emissions by industrial corporations in a monumental magnitude. It effects the health of Chicago residents and most notably the people who have asthma, like myself.

In this case this and in most, the issue is how long it takes for these proposals to make it all the way to high political authority figures. National politics often derails proposals off the tracks when it comes to issues that don’t initially impact the US, like environmental issues. The Clean power plan was initially drafted and made in June 2014. It took over a year for the proposal to be finalized and approved by the Supreme Court and the president in August 2015. A lot of negative outcomes can occur within that long gap between proposal and approval. A year’s worth of carbon emissions was put into the atmosphere while people were busy discussing the politics of it all. It can be quite challenging to immediately get progressive policy in action because there is always a discussion that is necessary prior to make sure it’s the right fit.







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