A Breathable Chicago


Through the efforts of past Chicago mayors, our city is redeeming its environmental image. We may still be some ways away, but we are making progress to not only protect the health of our citizens, but the health of our planet.

With Chicago’s Air Pollution Control regulations residents are protected from harmful particulates that result from handling and storage of industrial materials. From regulating operations containing ores, coal, and coke, limited pollutants are released into our atmosphere, and Chicagoans are spared the health implications of excessive exposure to theses substances.


Reducing the risk of particulates becoming airborne pursues Chicago’s urban and international agenda. Lessening the particulates becoming airborne through industrial operations benefits the public health of everyone within breathing distance of the city. On top of that, minimizing these chemicals protects the local environment and the atmosphere that we share as an international community. There is still more that can be done, though Chicago’s air pollution regulations are a good example of how a governing body should modify resource management for the good of their people.


Since this regulation was put in place in 2014, Chicago has continued to crack down on particulate pollution. The Sustainable Chicago Action Plan announced just last year the government’s goal to cut 50% of particulates released by CTA buses. Big movements such as closing the Fisk and Crawford power plants have been made, and to further their work steps like these are being taken in all sectors of the city in order to eliminate future pollution, and protect the city and those who live in it.



One thought on “A Breathable Chicago

  1. Very good point to make! I believe that this ordinance will really include the quality of life for the people who live in Chicago. Although, many were unaware of the harmful chemicals being released from big factories that were recently closed, which just shows us how even the slightest lesson on industrial emissions could really influence people to ask for a safer environment to live in and to raise their families in. I also believe that the CTA’s goal will have a big impact as well, now not only is it a more space-efficient way to travel but it will also become a bit more environmentally friendly.


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