Chicago is my City

Our Former Mayor Daley here in Chicago first initiated the Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP). This regulation was adopted due to Chicago’s rising average temperature that has increased approximately 2.6 degrees since 1980. This has given the government an opportunity to make changes to solve a big challenge that not only affects the environment but economy as well. The Chicago Climate Action Plan outlines five strategies that focus on energy efficient buildings, clean and renewable energy sources, better transportation options, reduced waste or industrial pollution, and lastly adaptation.  


The implementation of this regulation has evolved over time with new technology constantly emerging. In ways I do believe I have seen changes as far as improving transportation options. For example, as a commuter, all four years of college I have either taken buses or the Red Line to travel to and from school. Two years ago when they they rebuild the entire tracks from the 95th Redline station the Cermak/Chinatown, it made it more efficient for commuters to travel. Hence it cut travel times up to 15 min. Also, I have seen more bike lanes more than ever today. Aside from this there is still more that can be done to encourage people to abide to the CCAP. For example, mayor Rahm Emanuel has set goals  for Chicago. Some of these goals are:  increase average daily commuter transportation,  start on transportation developments, more bikes and pedestrians on streets, improve on rails, more efficient airports,  change the infrastructure for vehicles, and reduce fossil fuel use by 10%. According to an article Measuring U.S. Sustainable Urban Development, “with so many indicator systems proposed or in use (each with different goals, objectives, and definitions of sustainable development), understanding broad, national trends is difficult, but not  impossible.” However, both urban and national politics heavily focus on climate change since it’s an issue that affects us worldwide.,_Chicago,_Illinois,_Estados_Unidos,_2012-10-20,_DD_03.jpg
“What Is the Chicago Climate Action Plan?” City of Chicago Climate Action. Web. 30 Mar. 2016. <;.


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