Policy: Clean Air

Air is very important in our life. AlmosMitchell-gone with the windt all organisms on Earth have to breathe in some way. With many sources of pollution in Chicago like automobiles, factories, and light, it is cause for concern. In January, Chicago passed a Clean Air Act, which means that people have to consider the pollution that they put into the air. The purpose for this act is to change the way we think about air in general and to promote clean air, especially to make Chicago more accessible for everyone. Air that is hard to breathe in can have bad effects on one’s health and can cause damage to the environment. Also, as Chicago is known for being the “Windy City”, it is essential that we make way for good wind. Urban and national policy intersect on this issue because we don’t just make our own air. The nation as a whole is responsible for what happens to our environment and the air that everyone breathes. As the EPA also known as the Environmental Protection Agency, set guidelines for this act, the states and cities have had to put this into effect. That means that some states do not have limits on what is released into the air which can be very bad for the environment and the health of the people who live in the region and the world. Good thing there continues to be progress with having clean air in the United States. It’s important that the United States improves the laws around sustainability and the environment because then other countries will have a an idea of what they can do to improve their air as well.

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3 thoughts on “Policy: Clean Air

  1. It is great that the U.S. is trying to lessen air pollution, this improves public health greatly. But as you mentioned air quality really is an international issue. We do pollute a lot more than some other countries, so it is good that we are beginning to take responsibility for our actions. Air pollution and releasing GHGs affect everyone on the planet though, and it’s an issue that requires international support. COP21 helped to reinforce this movement, and there are nations on par with U.S. practices and beyond them. To reach the goals set during COP21 though, it’s important that the U.S. continues to create more policies like the Clean Air Act, not only to do our part, but to set a good example for countries who may me lagging behind.


  2. I am actually grateful for this act. I think Chicago is making a lot of great changes recently but this is one that directly impacts me. My son was born in Nevada and although it is dry there, he never really had any issues. However, when I moved back to Chicago, which was new for him, he was hospitalized for 5 days due to breathing problems. It was evident that the difference in the air was a huge factor. I am hoping that this new act will in fact improve air quality and make a difference.


  3. I had to comment because of 2 reasons: 1 Gone with the Wind is my all time favorite book and I like the play on the title. The other reason is I also (like the other reply) have family that have respiratory issues when they come in to the city from more rural areas. Mine are my parents. And despite that they spent most of their lives in Chicago (1930’s – 1990’s) when they return from Guadalajara, Mexico they always have some kind of respiratory infection within days. It’s good to know that Chicago is moving forward with EPA Policy and that they have instituted a Clean Air Act.


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