clean air act 1963


Since federal laws and policies apply to states too, this blog would focus on the clean air act that was enacted in 1963 by president Johnson. This policy applies to Chicago because Chicago unlike a city like Cheyenne is urbanized to capacity with people roaming about smoking cigarettes, cars everywhere, factories, planes going and coming to the two international and local hub airports in the city. Thus this policy was somewhat aimed at Chicago and the other major cities like new york and LA. In the past before this act was implemented, cities were choking in smog and the air was bad due to the industrial revolution from the past.
The purpose of this act was to address air pollution including carbon dioxide emissions, to stop cities from drowning in smog and general public health concern. In 1948, there was an incident in Donora, Pennsylvania that killed 20 people and caused over 600 people to be diagnosed with illnesses. Furthermore, the act has been amended various times to move with the flow of time. In 1970, they phased out lead based gasoline. It shows it has been productive because by 1995, the percentage of children who had high levels of lead in their blood stream had dropped from an unbelievable 88% to 4%. Furthermore, according to the journal of American medical association, the act has reduced carbon monoxide related deaths by saving 11,700 lives from 1968-1998. This goes to show that the act has been productive and the cities are an example of that because Chicago, having to abide by that policy evidently has good air. However, as standard to measuring pollution improves, so should the act.

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Journal of the American Medical Association, 220(6). (2002). doi:10.2460/javma.2002.220.issue-6


2 thoughts on “clean air act 1963

  1. I really liked reading your blog, all the history behind this policy is really interesting. It is amazing that the Clean Air Act was able to save so many lives and help improve health concerns so dramatically.


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