Air for Everyone

An environmental policy that has been implemented in Chicago over the past years is the ban of smoking in public places.From restaurants, public transportations, schools, and even some hotels. It also includes banning smoking within 15 feet from building entrances, exits, and windows.The Illinois smoking ban was implemented January 1st, 2008. Illinois was the 19th state to pass such a law.

   This law was passed due to increase of awareness in the health effects associated with tobacco and the smoke that is released into the air. Using tobacco increases the risk of health issues such as lung cancer in the person consuming it. It also affects the people that are in the surrounding areas, this is called second hand smoke. It affects the environment as well, adding to the pollution in the air. People who go to work in the city, or live in the city, where the population is dense do not want to be exposed to secondhand smoke, or their families to be exposed to secondhand smoke.

A similar comparison to a policy like this on a larger scale is the Clean Air Act. This has lead to the shutdown of a couple coal based factories in the city of Chicago. This will help improve the quality of life of the entire city. Not only do the pollutants affect the environment, but they also affect one’s health, which is similar to the smoking example I stated before on how it not only affects one person but, everyone around them as well.




4 thoughts on “Air for Everyone

  1. Because I’ve been living in the suburbs all of my life, I am not used to so many people smoking cigarettes around me. Once moving to the city because of school I noticed how many people around campus are smoking.


  2. Smoking is not only bad for the air and environment, but also is harmful for our bodies. People need fresh and clean air to keep healthy. No one wants to live in a city that is full of haze, such as Beijing. Haze is horrible for everything, especially for our bodies. You have to have mask every time when you are outside and people sometimes even do not know if it is day or night. Haze makes sunshine go away. Therefore, everyone should do something to keep the air need us is fresh and clean.


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