Green Skies

One of the most important, evident, and well known policies in Chicago is the Sustainable Development Policy, which outlines guidelines for sustainable designs and features that developers need to incorporate to their projects when receiving assistance from the city.

This promoted the development and implementation of green roof systems through out the whole city. Green walls also began to be introduced to internal spaces, both private and public. Green roofs help reduce the urban heat zones, and provide green areas in spaces that where not utilized before, and could provide recreational and vegetational areas, as well as reducing power consumption in the summer by keeping the building cooler. Green wall systems, like green roofs, improve air quality, especially when used indoors.

This policy was introduced to make Chicago one of the most green cities in the US, and a pathway towards a greater sustainable City. Green roofs and wall systems have taken flight in the City of Chicago, but only show minor and slow adaptation from the average home owner. These systems are more expensive compared to the tradition roofs systems of asphalt, rubber, and metal, but would greatly improve our city as whole, as well as the life quality of everyone that lives here. This is one of those small steps everyone can take for the benefit of everyone.

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