Blog Assignment 4 Science, Innovation & Technology for Urban Sustainability

Due 6PM on 04/18 (via email & posting on US 130 site)

Science, innovation and technology are important components of urban sustainability. They can provide solutions from the high-technology end to retrofitting, biomimicry, and more basic, inexpensive and readily-available technologies and planning approaches. Information and communication technologies (ICTs), and urban science and data can play key roles to solve urban challenges without expensive infrastructure requirements.

Identify an urban innovation project in any city in the world.

Think about the following questions and address one of them: 1) What role does this urban innovation project have for the city’s sustainable development goals? 2) What are the project’s sustainability outcomes and what methods/plans are they implementing to make the project a success? (Use valid examples to support your claim.) or 3) How does the project address all 5 factors for sustainable development (environment, economics, social equity, energy and health)?

Due 6PM on 04/18 (via email & posting on US 130 site)

See Blog Assignment 4 Science Technology Innovation for additional instructions and information.

Don’t forget to use at least 1 reading material from the class and 2-3 additional references when writing your blog.  Always cite your sources.


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