Five Shades of Green: Calgary International Airport


The Calgary International Airport (YYC) Development Program is “a winner in the category of ‘global connectivity,’” according to Urban Affairs Reporter Siri Agrell (2012). Many features in this project have aided in the airport’s expansion while ensuring overall sustainability in terms of environment, energy, social equity, economy, health. The airport has developed programs that pertain to environmental assessment, water quality, hazardous materials, wildlife management, air quality management, waste products management, and even noise management. Therefore, this well-addresses the environmental factor since it considers the “natural environment [is important] to sustain human life. It is the natural capital that we seek to preserve,” according to the Journal of Education for Sustainable Development (24).

YYC’s airport development program addresses energy because after expanding its airport runway to 14,000 feet of concrete, “[it] utilize[s] all-LED runway-edge and high-intensity threshold lighting in addition to LED runway centerline and touchdown zone lighting” according to Hatch Mott MacDonald (2016). Regarding social equity, YYC has a policy for equal passenger opportunity to air travel, therefore, “(YYC) once again had a record-breaking year with 14.3 million passengers in 2013” (2016). The air project accommodates passengers and does so sustainably.

Finances comes into play such that the economic factor is addressed since it considers “financial as well as human costs to the depletion of natural resources, the consumption of nonrenewable energy sources—” (Journal of Education 30). Therefore, the project receives non-profit funding “in order to accommodate continued growth…a CDN $2 billion Airport Development Program” (MacDonald 2016). The airport project seeks to maintain a workplace health and safety system to promote the health and safety of passengers. This addresses the fifth shade of a greener, innovative infrastructure because it promotes “health equity across both majority and minority populations and rural areas and urban communities” (Journal of Education 31).


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