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Forest here on earth are a vital natural resource that modern society needs to sustain the world we live in.  However, according to the World Wildlife Organization between 46- 58 thousand square miles of forests are lost each year.  With the efforts of new technology and committed organizations our generation can prevent the further eradication of natural forests and the species inhabited within them.   Movements like Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration, a network of organizations, governments and communities dedicated to restoring the world’s degraded and deforested lands, has created the Bonn Challenge.  The Bon Challenge is a worldwide goal to restore 150 million hectare of lost forests by 2020 and 300 million hectares by 2030.  Already reaching 86.03 hectares in over four continents, the Bonn Challenge is sponsored by larger research organizations like the World Resources Institute as well.  The Bonn Challenge works to create industrial plantations that will allow forests to reclaim the millions of acres of land lost from deforestation around the world. From moist tropical and subtropical forests to dry tropical and subtropical forests.  As the plan for Sustainable Development Solutions Network believes “special care must be taken in the development of primary resources to avoid the infamous “resource curse”, marked by rising corruption, massive environmental degradation, land grabs, the dispossession of traditional landowners, and a siphoning off of resource revenues by a small elite.”  Although many are very reluctant of industrial plantations it is most viable plan to create a neutrality in the amount of forests we are destroying and replacing.


2 thoughts on “REforestation?

  1. Reading your blog post give me some hope to the difficulty that many countries, especially in South American, are facing with the rapid deforestation. I am from Paraguay, the heart of South America, and the rapid and widespread destruction of the northern forest in the Paraguayan Chaco is depressing.
    The Paraguayan Chaco is a region known for its diverse ecosystems which are from grassland, dry forest and the largest wetland called Pantanal. Its ecosystems consists around 117 species and 600 species of birds (Guyra Paragauy). Unfortunately economic forces are taking away this wildlife paradise. Farmers (Brazilians and Paraguayans) are destroying forests to export wood mostly to Brazil. This is due to the fact that Paraguayan land has low prices, fertile soils and no border control whatsoever. However, Guyra Paraguay and the Ministry of the Environment (SEAM) are supporting management costs to protect the Paraguayan Chaco. I hope Bonn Challenge could reach Paraguayan Chaco before is too late.



  2. It’s crazy to think how many acres of rainforest we lose each year. I think what The Bon Challenge is a great project to restore the natural ecosystems. As we learned in the presentation from Tim. Nature has a cure for everything. When we cut down the rainforest, we are missing out on finding life changing cures.


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