Connecting Cable cars

One of the most cool and up in coming cities in all of South America is in one of the most renowned cities of Columbia. The city was known as the city that harbored the drug King Pen Pablo Escobar. Well that was then and now Medellin is one of the most green cities in all of South America (We forum) . The have decided to use a system of elevated cable cars to connect cities close by in order to save space from so many cars. Thus, decreasing congestion on the roads and allows people to walk and drive in peace. They20151020-ui10-3-08 are calling it infrastructure for social integration because they are trying to connect the cities close by to benefit both people and cities. The role this innovation project has on the city of Medellin is the growth of the city economically and environmentally. Besides the aspects of decreasing congestion and decreasing cars/pollution, this project allows for poor and rich residents to visit both sides of the spectrum of class within the city.

According to Buck from our readings, Biomimicry is using nature to influence our world by helping it improve in many ways that are sustainable (2015). this idea of the connecting cable cars was a vision of the ants that carried tons of material in an efficient and productive manner. The cities goals of being more pedestrian friendly and livable is coming into a reality when using progressive architecture and innovative ideas it has transformed Medellin into a more sustainable city in the past decade.


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