Hillside Urban Living

“Nature has been working forever, what challenges us now is finding how it will keep working forever. Intelligence has brought us to a point at which we have at hand an array of technical solutions that can either deprive or provide us with comfortable, culturally rich living conditions. The way we arrange such devices will ultimately make all the difference” – architects of atelier data & moov

Forwarding Dallas is a 40,000 square meter complex spanning an entire city block, accommodating of over 850 residences with commerce space below.  Built in 2011 in a run down area on a Dallas city block, this design explores the natural cycles of a hillside, which the architects focused on replicating architecturally. The concept embodies various hills and valleys to maximize solar energy space, views, and vegetation surfaces

The roof voids are built in a way to provide the highest amount of surface area, used for agricultural growing where the slopes act as a natural run off for excess water. The combination of wind and photovoltaic power allows for energy to be stored. The east and west Façade are created using a venetian blind concept that is enabled depending on the time of the year providing either added insulation or solar gain

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