The new building for a new era

No one can understate the importance of balancing the need for a sustainable future and the need for a comfortable environment for people to live in; it used to be seen as almost impossible to balance the two. But now there is a lot of new development and research going into making these innovations possible. One of the prime examples of this fusion of sustainable practice and economic use is the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt, Germany. Completed in 1997, this tower holds the title of tallest building in Germany and is the first ‘green’ skyscraper, it earned the later title by incorporating a large number of environmentally friendly design choices, including gardens every forth floor, the plants supply both a relaxing environment for employees and a natural cooling system for the building via convection. A few other features are sensors to let in certain amounts of outdoor light and a buffer zone of a second skin keeping in thermal heat. By 2008 it has used electricity only from renewable sources. The Commerzbank has advanced the acceptability and practicality of combining both sustainability and economic planning, it also has set an example of what all-new construction should be in the future.


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Case studies from the us130 site


One thought on “The new building for a new era

  1. Something I really love about his building is that every office is lit by the sun… similar to our own classroom. Whats even better is that many of the windows are operable to opening, unlike our classroom. Thus all employees have the freedom to control their own temperature by being able to do such and not rely on air cooling or heating systems. Cool stuff!


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