Chicago and the 606

The 606 has the role of being a well known, innovative project for Chicago’s sustainable goals. With the 606 in place, the people of Chicago can see urban innovation in action, all while enjoying the benefits that come with it. Chicago has set its sights on becoming a more sustainable city and the 606 is a great start. By encouraging environmentally and health conscious commuting strategies, Chicago is becoming a model for how to encourage sustainable living.

In addition to encouraging sustainable living, the 606 also can serve as an inspiration for those hoping to redesign Chicago into a sustainable city. With many areas of Chicago being continually underdeveloped, there is plenty of opportunity for architects, urban planners, engineers, etc. to use these areas to design/plan urban innovations. Basically, the 606 can become the tip of the iceberg in the future of Chicago’s sustainable & innovative design.






2 thoughts on “Chicago and the 606

  1. I like how you said the 606 was an inspiration for other modes of sustainability for the City of Chicago. But I found out that the 606 was actually copied from the New York park that recovered an old rail road into a nice upscale park above the streets. Do you really think that having sustainable areas will create or inspire other to do the same since most cities can’t afford to do it?


  2. I also consider the 606 to be a great addition to Chicago. I have had the chance to bike down it myself and can say that it looks great, all while adding rustic charm to the neighborhood. Projects like this get the ball moving in terms of what we can do to turn areas previously thought as dilapidated and unusable into thriving communal hotspots. It makes me wonder what could be done to, say, the Old Post Office which has remained vacant for so long now.


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