European bioplastics

In order to protect its environment and citizens, Europe has put in place new public procurement rules encouraging manufacturers to use bio-based products and services. To get producers to carry out these more eco-friendly practices, the European governments of Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and the UK have developed the INNPROBIO project. INNPROBIO researches products like bioplastics, and production methods that use less resources than fossil-fuel based techniques. The project then works with suppliers to integrate these innovations into their business models.

INNPROBIO is a holistic project, and addresses all 5 factors of sustainable development. The program conserves resources and lessens member countries’ dependence on fossil fuels for manufacturing. This minimizes energy usage and protects the natural environment. Bio-mass products are also healthier for the public since alternative fossil fuel methods may generate toxic waste as a byproduct, which can be harmful to those using the products or near their manufacturing site. The products are also great for the European economy, the EU estimated that bio-based products and services as well as biofuels provide EUR 57 billion in annual revenue. The same estimate also noted that this industry involves 300,000 jobs, increasing the economic opportunities of the area and making social equity more attainable.


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