Goats at O’hare!!! What?

O’hare international airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and also on of the biggest, with all the land equally to around 8000 acres there is a lot of vegetation that needs to be taken care of. Instead of using hundreds of gallons of gasoline to power lawn mowers and other grass cutting equipment O’hare opted to make a sustainable zero carbon emitting choice of implementing animals to eat the vegetation of its land. This step of implementing animals such as goats, llamas, burros and sheep to eat its grass and vegetation helps reduce its carbon footprint by making it more sustainable and not having to use any gasoline powered tools to remove the vegetation making the air a little cleaner. The main outcomes of this project is to keep away birds from breeding near the airport because its a risk for planes when they take off they can possible hit a bird. But also its to stop using unsustainable devices to remove the vegetation.

This project helps keep the environment clean by producing no carbon emissions since its completely sustainable because its simply goats and the other animals eating the vegetation away. From an economic stand point this is very effective because this way O’hare doesn’t have to buy any machines or higher people to remove the grass they have a permanent replacement which is also sustainable and cheap because they are technically rented from a animal shelter but they live at O’hare. Also this is a good thing because you are taking animals that came from  a shelter and putting them to use. This project uses no energy because its very efficient as these animals simply eat grass all day and from a health perspective its healthy because the animals are well fed from the 8000 acres of airport land.






6 thoughts on “Goats at O’hare!!! What?

  1. I think this is a very good idea but also humorous at the same time. Imagine people going to catch a flight then they see a bunch of animals eating grass around the airport.


  2. The title definitely caught my attention, I had never heard such a thing. Did some research and it is actually true, as silly as it sounds I had to see for myself. This is a creative way for O-hare airport to omit the equipment that they use. This goes to show that there can be many creative ways to use substitutes in order to create more sustainability in all areas.


  3. This is a really cool idea. I never heard of it before, but it would definitely be fun to see a bunch of goats underneath the planes are you are taking off/ landing. Catchy title too!!!


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