Green Roof Project in our Own City

7162828620_a1a489d70d_oWhen considering urban sustainability projects around the world, I decided to focus on one that is close to home for all of us. The Chicago Green Roof project started in 2001 at City Hall Chicago. The Green Roof project is an Environmental Protection Agency project that was initiated in an effort to improve urban air quality. The green roof is over 38,000 square feet and costs about 2.5 million to create. The green roof saves about $5000 a year on utilities bills and is being monitored for plant survival. Another goal of the green roof project was to combat urban heat island effects. Urban heat islands occur in urban areas with hard surfaces and are known to be way hotter than areas that have green roofs.

This innovation project helps Chicago in becoming the greenest city as Major Daley vowed we would become. Other buildings have also taken the initiative and created green roofs on a smaller scale. In addition to improving the air quality and combatting urban heat islands, some green roofs also provide gardens for the building residents. I believe the green roof project was a good initiative to make Chicago a greener city, although we still have a way to go.

5 thoughts on “Green Roof Project in our Own City

  1. I liked how your blog post was relatable considering the project you discuss takes place in Chicago. I have some background knowledge on the Chicago Green Roof Project also, but did not know that it saves about $5000 a year which is a great amount. Considering, Chicago is a urban setting of concrete a big buildings, prone to producing green house emission gases, the project was a great thing that Mayor Daley allowed for to kick-start. Has there been any other Environmental Protection Agency project that has been implemented in the Chicago area besides the Green Roof Project? Also, it is likely that there would be room to save more money and energy from the project as well as others. If the Green Roof Project is currently the only project going on, though expanding, what do you think would allow for an increase in savings so that rather than saving $5000, what factors would be occurring in order for there be savings of, let’s say, $10,000?


  2. I wrote about the Green Roofs project as well and I like the information that you brought! There are incentives for buildings that incorporate green roofs, and just this small step towards a more sustainable building I think can encourage even more changes to them, maybe even striving for LEED certification as people become more aware of how many benefits there are. The more people that notice the green roofs, the more I think will be added until hopefully when you look from above Chicago, you see a sea of green roofs instead of the black and gray that is there now.


  3. This would be essential to Chicago land rooftops because of global warming making summers increasingly hotter. Saving money, while important, is just a side effect of the physical well being of these building’s inhabitants and workers. Even apartment buildings could include green roofs for its residents as a means to help the environment and lower utility costs. I am glad that Chicago is thinking about using up the space it takes up which include a whole lot of infrastructure.


  4. Great blog! Great picture you have there of millennium park, which I didn’t know is actually one of the biggest roof projects in the City, if not the biggest. It is actually the roof of the underground garage park which is quite fascinating!


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