Green Roofs In Europe

In southern Europe, there has been increased emphasis on the implementation of green roofs in modern day building infrastructures. Green roofs are when the roofs of buildings are covered in vegetation or green plants that are planted over a water proofing membrane. According to an research article published, green roofs have proven to be contributors improving air quality in urban areas; reducing rainfall runoff that would flow into stormwater drainage systems; absorbing carbon dioxide emissions; providing habitats for wildlife; and providing pleasing surroundings in urban areas (European Federation of Green Roof Associations – EFB) . In addition, Europe as implemented the European Federation of Green Roof Associations to ensure that green roofs are being monitored, maintained, and continue to prominent factors in new age architectural design. This launched following the establishment of the European Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services Strategy that has been instrumental in the strategizing surrounding green infrastructures in cities all over Europe.

In one the readings for class, “Biophilic Cities”, green roofs are one leading examples of how the design of buildings continuously gets greener. The overall goal in utilizing these design techniques are to shift from heavy reliance on fuel and other pollutants to more reliance on nature and wildlife. While this is beneficial in the reduction of the pollution, switching biophonic structures has proven to be strenuous on nature. For example, the green roof reliance on Europes water supply has become an issue because the increasing temperatures that have plagued the region.  In addition, the research concluded that green roofs have not been cost effective installation to European architecture. Ultimately, the green roofs in Europe are just an example of how urban sustainable innovations, just like any other invention, have both pros and cons. For this reason, it is vital for cities around the world to ensure that they are investing innovations that will prove to be beneficial to the revitalization and sustenance of modern day cities.



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