Sending Letters to Trees

An urban innovation project in Melbourne  Australia, is the, Adopt a tree through your social network: connected trees that fight climate change. The city is planting more trees to lessen the effects of extreme weather events. According to Urban Thinkers Dubai, “Studies show that increasing a city’s green area by 10% could compensate for the temperature increase caused by climate change” vegetation helps to block shortwave radiation while also evaporating water, cooling the ambient air and creating more comfortable micro climates”. Melbourne’s goal is to grow more trees in the city by getting the citizens involved. They are creating a relationship between the trees and people by uploading each tree to a database. People are able to adopt them, name them, and learn all about what that tree is doing to help the environment.The trees are also given their own email addresses for citizens to send letters to and contact.  This innovation seems silly but Melbourne is being successful at connecting its citizens.  The World Economic Forum created this image to show that this innovation is predicted to be successful in growing more trees.


I believe that this is a perfect example of what we learned about in lecture that, “Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), play a key role in the urban context, can be applied to solve a variety of cross-sectoral urban problems, and do no not typically require large, expensive capital infrastructure”. (Class Lecture, 4-13-16)







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