Smarter Water Management

Water is the most important resource throughout the world because life itself is dependent on it. Majority of major cities throughout the world are based off a source of water. Ecological and climate change threaten our water sources while we are facing population growth is a more of a reason to efficiently direct and protect our supply of freshwater. In 2030, freshwater demand is estimated to outpace demand for the resource by 40%. We must fix our water system to coop with our population growth; it is the most important resource for life and we need to start acting like it. Start by identifying the problems, it is estimated that 25-30% of water is lost to leakage. We can repair this setback by using smarter water management models, which have sensors in network pipes to monitor the movement and direct an entire water cycle to improve efficiency within the network. In Queensland, Australia they saved $1.9 million by reducing their direct water loss by one billion liters in one year! The project increased water availability by nearly 20% while decreasing the time used to identify and resolve network events by two-thirds. These cloud-based answers connect these water pipes to the Internet authorizing an active approach to the flood control/rainwater collection and the identification of feeble points or impasses within the network providing solutions before any major damage occurs. These sensors could potentially be used to evaluate bacteria/viruses, which could be used help us oversee the health policies impacts. This system could also be used to detect an outbreak and/or spread of any diseases. This urban innovation project could potentially save lives, reduce medical cost, and improve a city’s health.





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