SpareOne Phone

An urban innovation project that is being produced by a company called BMW i, is called SpareOne phone. The phone lasts 15 years or 10 hours of talk time on a single AA battery. The phone only allows you to receive and make calls. The outcomes from this phone is to extend to “developing nations. Where fixed and reliable power is not as available — like developing [countries] or during natural disasters — additional solutions are required for mobile phone users”. This project would also help with the use of power around the world. Instead of people using unnecessary power by keeping chords plugged into walls, this phone would mitigate the problem and would only require people to switch batteries when needed. The project addresses all 5 factors for sustainable development by acknowledging the environment, economics, social equity, energy and health. How the project does this is by telling us that the phone would be able to be used after natural disasters or in developing countries where power may not be available or even people don’t have enough money to purchase a phone. Using this kind of phone would help problems with global warming too. Because people wouldn’t be constantly charging their phones throughout the day, but instead, they would be using a single AA battery to power their phone. Even though there may be some drawbacks to the phone like not being able to text or play games, the amount of energy being saved through this phone would help the environment.






2 thoughts on “SpareOne Phone

  1. I think this is a great initiative! It reminds me a lot of a walkie-talkie, which gives you the power to communicate, but the problem with walkie-talkie’s is that it only allows communication up to a certain point then it will not function. The battery powered cell phone mitigates that problem! This will cut down on energy used from plugged in chargers, as you stated, and also waste that comes from chargers and chords because many people break or lose them often. It will also eliminate phone waste since the battery will be a double A battery, it is easier to replace than a regular smart phone battery. When the smart phone battery stops taking charge usually people just get a new phone. Double A batteries are also rechargeable which makes them even more efficient.


  2. I really liked reading your post, this initiative is really interesting. You said that this a good initiative because the phone does not need to be plugged in. Not only is this a good idea because it does not waste energy, but also many homes in developing nations do not have the ability to have electricity. This innovation seems like it can be a great help for people in developing nations communicate.


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