Sustainable Architecture

As one kind of main element in a city, buildings satisfy far-ranging needs of residents, so the sustainability of buildings and architecture has become an important topic. The green building refers to the using of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle. According to city’s sustainable development goals, architects and innovators has started researching and practicing new technology for urban designing.

Using greener bricks is a way to build a more eco-friendly urban area. The new building products are easier to manufacture, easier to make and easier to put in place than traditional bricks. Greener bricks usually combine more than one different material to have new functions and to deal with the problem of lacking a number of low-efficiency materials. Besides for buildings, new bricks are also used for home furnishing, which provides a healthier and energy-saving life for people.

Architecture takes people rich experience and imagines especially natural and ecological architecture, which dynamic integrate not only inside and outside space but also structure and environment. Building art spaces is architects’ goal. At the same time, they should develop and protect environment by using the high efficiency and energy-saving technology in designing.


Biophilic Cities_Beatley


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