The Dream of Sustainability is Alive in Portland

Late last year the EcoDistricts website talked about the Portland Development Commission, which is the agency in charge of Portland, Oregon’s urban and economic development.  They stated that Portland hopes to be, “one of the most globally competitive, equitable and healthy cities in the world” (EcoDistricts 2015). The city plans on reaching this goal by creating vibrant, green spaces for public and private use.

One project they city worked on recently is the Lloyd EcoDistrict. This district will be Portland’s,”most sustainable living-and-working district…that will demonstrate precedent-setting water conservation with a holistic green infrastructure system,” (EcoDistrict 2015). The district will include a plaza, apartments, and an upgraded mall. On the Llyod EcoDistrict website they posted their long-term goals for sustainability:

Goal 1. To reduce energy demand by 60%

Goal 2: To provide everyone with affordable transit options

Goal 3: To reduce waste production  (“to 93% of 2010 levels”)

Goal 4: To reduce water consumption by 58%

Being that I am a big fan of the city and a wannabe Portlander, I can definitely see them reaching these goals. But one wonders how this project was financed and will continue to be financed. It turns out that the Portland City Council voted to let the various businesses in the Lloyd EcoDistrict tax themselves. Then, the district will get, “$100,000 annually for 10 years, with a 2 percent increase per year,” (Portland 2014). This stability, and the fact that there is a ton of support coming from college students and corporate businesses, will ensure that the district reaches their goals.

The smallest park in the world: Mill Ends Park in Portland

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3 thoughts on “The Dream of Sustainability is Alive in Portland

  1. Portland is really a sustainable city! they also have good public transportation system that includes five different main means of transportation. I hope that the government can do things like that, not only care about the short-term benefit, but consider the long-term benefit and sustainable goals.


  2. This was interesting because I focused my blog on a city in this region also. Seattle built a similar housing complex which I wrote about in my article. I wonder what it is about the coastal western cities that drives them to be on the forefront of technological and sustainable advancements.


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