There’s an App for That

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     All of us have seen issues around our city and communities that we wish we can change. Well, now it is possible. Indifferent of it being a broken traffic light, a missing sign, or vulgar graffiti, with the usage of this application, users will be able to contact the government area right from their phones. SeeClickFix is an application that will allow members to easily contact their government on “non-essential’ issues they encounter in their area or community.

     Ben Berkowitz, the CEO and founder of SeeClickFix explains how easy to use the app is. “Just take out the SeeClickFix application and snap a photo of the issue,” explains Ben. The application is available online and on both cellular devices, android or iPhone. In order to attract more users, the SeeClickFix company has connections into local television stations and newspaper websites.

     When you want to post an issue, the app asks you to either take a photo personally or choose a photo from your library. After this, you are required to locate the issue. You can either do so by imputing all the information yourself, or through your phone’s GPS, which will locate your position. You will finish the process by including a description of the problem and sending it through. The alert will be sent off via the app to the local government or the responsible organization requested.

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One thought on “There’s an App for That

  1. Wow this is pretty cool, i never knew this app existed, now i can report all the potholes around my house. This app is actually a really good idea and invention because it can help every community be more sustainable.


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