Urban Innovation Projects

Global urbanization, climate change and resource constraints combine to create major challenges in the 21st century. Cities are responsible for 75% of global energy consumption and 80% of carbon emissions (United Nations, 2011). As many of you have witnessed some of the urban innovation projects happening all throughout the City of Chicago. According to the Chicago Climate Action Plan, “Chicagoan’s travel to a variety of places either to  commute to work, drive to the store, go to the doctor, make a trip to the health club, go out for dinner.” All these variety of commutes individually have different reasons why they choose the mode of transportation they use. With massive transportation as such, 21 percent of the City of Chicago greenhouse gases emissions are produced by cars, trucks, buses, and trains. Therefore, the City of Chicago has implemented, a high-quality transportation system must include a mix of public transit, bicycling, walking, car sharing, energy-efficient vehicles and the development of transit-oriented neighborhoods.city-1265055_960_720

This urban innovation project contributes to the city’s sustainable development goals as well. The City of Chicago faces many challenges and opportunities that can make Chicago a better place to live in. Aside from what the City of Chicago has already implemented there are still future goals for the future of the innovation project. Some of these goals are: increase average daily commuter transportation, start on transportation developments, more bikes and pedestrians on streets, improve on rails, more efficient airports, change the infrastructure for vehicles, and reduce fossil fuel use by 10% (City of Chicago 15). Overall, this part of one of the 7 different topics that Chicago focuses on a more Sustainable Chicago.  By improving transportation options for Chicagoan’s, this can reduce the number greenhouses gas emissions that are released into the air every second in Chicago.







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