Blog #4

The cities of the world are in need of innovations to mitigate the problems that will come along with the estimated two billion people in the year 2050 moving to cities all around the world. Technology can be used to better the urban environment with bio-mimicry for example.
An innovative project in action is one done in Medellin, Colombia. Once considered to be a very dangerous city in the early 90s, today it is rebuilding steadily and introduced a system for social integration by building elevated cable cars (metro cable) that connects the cities low income citizens with the business center and the wealthy side of town. This development was different from other urban development projects because it went for social integration as a goal and not the prototypical strategy of finding a solution to a physical problem. In the end it benefited them because it contributed to the economic growth of the city, this has caused Medellin to change in the past 12 years because the cable car connected people and the creation of new networks like that destroys barriers between the rich and poor.
This urban innovative project plays the social equity role of Madeline’s sustainable development goals because it provides a equal form of movement for the less privileged living out in the suburbs/mountainous areas. This puts them at a socially ‘’equal’’ level because they have the fair means of been able to go to the city with ease and find opportunities with those already living there or that have easy access there. Moreover, passengers socialize in the small cable cabins so it promotes mingling and cohesion. Furthermore the metro car is sustainable in various ways because It transports the people who live on the mountainside to the city, which saves them using a car or motorbike that runs on petrol. It does not ride on petrol but electricity, thus it has low emissions, is energy efficient and economically cost effective.



  1. I really like your example of a sustainable urban innovation. Not only does it reduce emissions by providing public transit opportunities, but it serves the community socially as well. It sounds like the basic access to transportation in Medellin was crucial for many of the area. Once that was provided it boosted socioeconomic equality by integrating the population and allowing access to the previously unreachable business center.

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  2. The cable cars are a very great way to break barriers between the rich and the poor. Since we are social beings it is important for all of us to socialize and integrate. I really like how instead of trying to get rid of the poor, they integrated them in the city which only helped the economy.


  3. This would be a great way to include both sustainability and the ability to socialize since many people try to find solutions that do not fit both. I like how it improves upon city life and how it can impact life in all parts of a city like poor and rich neighborhoods. Allowing accessibility via cable cars promotes the advancement of city development and future improvements upon sustainability.


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