Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is the energy of the Sun and the stars. Nuclear fusion occurs during a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei collide at very high speed and join to form a new nucleus. Hence, why nuclear fusion is the process that powers stars. It is also the same mass-to-energy reaction behind the Sun’s radiative power and the blast of the hydrogen bomb, scaled down to a manageable level in order to generate power. The world today is closer than it has ever been at harnessing this virtually limitless source of clean & sustainable energy. Fusion is made by forcing together small hydrogen particles isotopes to maker larger helium atoms at temperatures of over 100 million degrees. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in Southern France is at the forefront of this development. This innovative project is being spearheaded by scientists and capitalists in order to ensure the survival of civilization and to- once and for all- create a technological world that emits zero carbon. This innovation project would dramatically change the world we currently inhabit and would allow countries to meet binding climate deals signed at global climate summits. This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive plan that would address environment, economics, energy, and health. Social equity is impossible to measure when the development of a carbon free technology is in question. Environmental safety is ensured by scientists who claim there is no fuel present when harnessing nuclear fusion, neither is there any decay heat present (a factor in the Fukushuma nuclear meltdown in Japan). Economically, the advantages of a carbon emitting free future would be tremendous since it would perpetuate capitalist civilization into the future. It cannot be stressed enough how much of an energy revolution nuclear fusion would create. Governments across the world are eager to harness fusion power- investing tens of billions of dollars in the last half century. Controlled fusion will be achieved sometime in the coming decade, with commercially viable fusion plants appearing sometime by mid century. If a global catastrophe (environmental, militaristic) doesn’t prevent nuclear fusion from being harnessed, global capitalism might just reinvent itself from dirty energy to the energy of the future.



4 thoughts on “Nuclear Fusion

  1. I agree that the benefits of nuclear fusion are tremendous. However, you mentioned the technology wasn’t quite there yet. Due to the time frame for developing nuclear fusion into a viable green energy source, I think it’s necessary to begin converting to other renewable energy sources in the mean time. It would be great to have fusion power, but converting away from dirty fossil fuels can’t wait for mid century.


  2. The nuclear fusion is a good idea for the urban sustainability. In China, many cities provide the natural gas to people and encourage people to use natural gas instead if the coal gas in their homes. I think this is also a good idea for the city to be sustainability.


  3. I never really heard about nuclear fusion so reading this post was not only interesting but I learned a new way of creating a sustainable form of energy that isn’t wind or solar. This form of energy is something that in the future may be a big thing since right now containing it requires more energy than it produces.


  4. Nuclear Fusion would be a great achievement for the World if applicable to acquiring energy. In hopes of saving materials and producing clean energy, nuclear fusion would be the next big step like going to the moon and nuclear power in general. This form of energy directly relates to our sustainability class because of the effect it would have on the world in a positive way.


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