Tube-shaped bus stops in Curitiba

Curitiba is a Brazilian city and considered to be one of the world’s best examples of urban planning. Curitiba is the first city opening the bus rapid transit (BRT) system. A survey shows that the introduction of the BRT system reduces 27 million auto trips per year and saves about 27 million liters of fuel (Goodman). It invests a lot of time and money on the construction of public transportation for the sustainable development of the city. Sustainability has been defined as a global process of development that minimizes environmental sinks using processes that simultaneously improve the economy and the quality of life (Newman). Curitiba sets a path on the road only for BRT so that its speed could reach around 60km/h, a similar speed to subways. But it only costs 1/10 of the investment and 1/3 of the construction period compared with the subway. The introduction of BRT system not only reduces the air pollution from vehicles but also reduces the cost of public transportation constructions.


One of the most striking innovation of Curitiba’s special tube-shaped bus stops. There is a ticket counter at the entrance of this bus stop. Passengers need to buy the ticket at the entrance and wait for the bus at the exit. The waiting area is at the same height of the gate of the bus so that it is convenient for passengers to get on and off the bus, especially for the disabled. The design of this bus stop aims at encouraging citizens to take public transportations instead of driving their private vehicles. To save time means a faster bus for citizens, so they don’t need to complain the slow speed of the public transportation. With less private vehicles on the road, the air pollution could be reduced. Curitiba is dedicated to developing its public constructions to reduce the pollution from private vehicles and the traffic pressure.



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5 thoughts on “Tube-shaped bus stops in Curitiba

  1. While i do see this as a notable accomplishment for a developing city, I am failing to see why the actual bus stop is emphasized more than the actual transit system. Don’t you think it would be more important to elaborate on why exactly this system is a benefit to a developing country like brazil rather than explaining the benefits of the actual bus stop shape?

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  2. I love this idea of the bus system. I have actually never heard of this and was glad to read it. Of course, I do not know too much about the overall system but I am wondering if something like this would be effective in Chicago. With as much public transportation as we have available in Chicago, it would nice to see some options that are better for the environment.


  3. I think this is amazing! It reminds me of the new bus stops that are around the city. Those are very convenient for harsh weathers. Chicago needs to step their innovation game up!


  4. The most interesting part of public bus system is the dedicated roads. In my experience I sometimes use private transportation, not to be cost effective, but to reduce travel time as sometimes it could be longer here in the city. If we had dedicated roads here in the city I believe many more people would use the bus system as travel time would be greatly reduced.


  5. Curitiba is looked to as one of the most important examples of Government and Community working towards a common goal. In particular, Jaime Lerner, ex-Mayor of Curitiba was a big proponent of ensuring that the city and it’s arterial transportation was friendly for the massive amount of commuters that come in and out of the city. A big part of his stimuli could be that he is foremost a renowned Urban Planner and Architect that brought his way of thinking in to Politics. What does this all have to do with the Tube Shaped Bus Stops, it’s easier to plan when your thinking of practicality and for the user and that’s the edge Curitiba has in putting them in the forefront of creative and innovative ways to make their city great..


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