Times up

I think most of us have heard of the severe drought California and other western states are currently facing. And my blog was going to be about the restrictions that are being imposed on watering lawns, filling of pools and cleaning of tennis courts. Somehow when you’re in a drought one would think tennis court hygiene should rank pretty low in water conservation efforts.

But as I was researching the ad popups were running rampant and there was one I just had to go to: http://www.theshowertimer.com/. Please note that I am in no way selling the product or endorsing it, since I’ve never used it, but do have the practice of showering in less than 10 minutes and had to read up on it.

I followed the site and much like the name of the product, this gizmo pretty much times your shower. Ten minutes and the water goes off. You snooze or are extra dirty, you better have an alternate shower strategy. What really struck me about the ad however was the reasons they gave for buying the product. The first one was about Energy and Money savings. The other 4 reasons noted had to do with stopping family feuds, fairness and management skills(!). Water conservation and our responsibility to the environment was never mentioned. I wish that I could tell their marketing team that 40 gallons of water can be saved (vs. a bath) by  just doing a power shower and that should be a HUGE incentive for the public to buy this product as a sustainability effort. Are we as a society socially unaware of what we’re doing to our environment? Do we really care more that the “shower timer” can stop family feuds? I guess at the end of the day I’m just happy someone thought of this regardless of the marketing reasons.






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